CIARC March 2022 update…..

G’day members and friends. Here is the latest on what is happening at the Christmas Island Amateur Radio club (CIARC)

Vale, Zorro Miyazawa JH1AJT/SK2022

24 Mar 2022. It is with sadness, we record the passing of Zorro Miyazawa, JH1AJT SK2022. Among his many patronages, Zorro supported the Christmas Island ARC and promoted our DXpedition initiatives from distant Japan. He was a well known and well respected Amateur Radio DX enthusiast and philanthropist for many years and will be sadly missed. RIP Zorro. Now QRT 73S OM SK but not forgotten.

  • Status: CIARC members meet regularly on Skype to conduct club business and discuss options for resuming normal activities which are currently limited. Visitors are welcome.
  • Next Meeting: Our next meeting will be on Skype on Sunday 10th April at 04:00 UTC due to Easter the following weekend. In other months, we meet on Skype on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 04:00 UTC.
  • Join our group: Please email CIARC if you wish to join our group discussion or observe as a visitor.
  • Station: Club Station, VK9XX is temporarily QRT (off the air).
  • Shack: The CIARC club rooms at the Flying Fish Cove Emergency Operations Centre are now closed, pending relocation.
  • Facilities: Our fixed station facilities, operating equipment, antennas and masts are in temporary storage. We are presently working through a process for all hardware to be inspected and checked by a licensed operator on Christmas Island, pending any return to service.
  • Address: Pending relocation of our substantive club rooms, our registered & postal address has temporarily changed to CIARC, 4 Hooley Rd, Midvale, WA, 6056.
  • QTH: Pending relocation, our geocode for any activation on Christmas Island may change from time to time as the station is activated at temporary locations by club members, guest visitors or hiring DXpeditioners.
  • Membership: We continue to welcome new members, sponsors, patrons and supporters.
  • CIARC Operators: Our membership presently includes one operator resident on Christmas Island, three resident in mainland Australia, one resident in Japan, and one honorary member and patron, also resident in Japan.
  • Visitors & DXpeditioners: There is currently one proposed German DXpedition to Christmas Island in early planning stages involving CIARC participation.
  • Equipment Hire: Appropriately licensed operators visiting Christmas Island may apply to hire station equipment, the CIARC shack and facilities. Please note* Hire is subject to availability, agreed Terms and Conditions and the approval of the CIARC Station Manager. Visitors should always have a backup plan in case CIARC equipment becomes unavailable at short notice.

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